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In the beginning...(a letter from the founders)

Updated: Aug 30, 2023


Who are we?

It's the question that keeps ringing in our minds. The next thing we like to do is run through a list of accomplishments, or think of the network of people that God has placed around us like a impenetrable shield, a petty attempt to inflate our egos... Unfortunately, this is almost always followed by a sense of guilt and disgust at the way in which our insecurities have turned our attempts at self affirmation into borderline narcissism. And thus the process repeats. Feel called. Question our validity. Reinforce our validity. Guilt. Deflate. Repeat.

Until one day, we received a calling... While visiting Cornerstone church a pastor by the name of Richard Mullen challenged us to stop asking what the church can do for us, but instead employ a new perspective that sees yourself as a contribution to the church. In essence, we should consider what our gifts and talents are, and then offer those things in service to the church, rather then entering with an expectation of the church providing us with various avenues for growth.

Our minds instantly latched onto this concept. It's ironic how annoying hearing the SAME quotes and sayings throughout life can be. But, suddenly we hear the right one at the right time and experience a moment of clarity that feeds our soul. That's what happened to us that day.

We realized that not only had we been going about church all wrong but community as well. Maybe not "aaall wrong", but at the very least we were doing a disservice to the people that we love most, our church family and our community. A few months later we made Community Fellowship official...


So who are we?

We're no one special. We're neighbors. We're fathers, we're mothers, sons, and daughters who choose daily to serve others rather then wait and be served.

We all possess gifts and talents based on seeds that were planted in us. For some of us those seeds make us uniquely capable of leading, and reconciling perspectives; no matter the racial, social, or financial background.

We believe we are those people and we've simply decided to offer those gifts to our community, and feel that our nonprofit Community Fellowship is the best platform for us to do so.

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Forest Gump
Forest Gump
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